A Guide to Renting in Stamford

Thank you for your interest in our apartment finding service.  To help you on your search, we’ve created a helpful FAQ guide to get you started. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to fill out our profile sheet so we can best service your rental needs. CLICK HERE

First Let's Determine What Your Monthly Budget Should Be

Use our monthly budget calculator to determine what a comfortable monthly budget would be for your rental. We use a formula based on annual salary and calculate a number that would include utilities and misc building charges. It is only meant as a guideline.

got your number? take a look at the rental range for luxury listings


average range

$1500 - $1800/mo

1 BR

average range

$1900 - $2100/mo

2 BR

average range

$2200 - $2600/mo

3 BR

average range

$2700 - $3100


get more apartment for your money


Now Let's Look at your Move in Timeline

The Stamford rental market moves very fast and you should only start touring and making a listing appointment when you are ready to sign a lease. An apartment you see today will not be available in a month, or even a week after you see it. Timing is EVERYTHING.

IF YOUR MORE IN DATE IS 45+ Days from Now

Get To Know Stamford and the buildings and amenities that would be the most important to you. Determine your monthly rental budget so you can start to eliminate choices.

IF YOUR MOVE IN DATE IS 30-45 Days from Now

Start to narrow your search and go through our listings to find apartments that would best fit your needs. If you are looking to room share, fill out the roommate form so we can start matching you up with potential candidates.

If YOUR MOVE IN DATE IS 30 days or less from Now

It's go time! We'll take your budget and preferences and organize a targeted tour of 3-4 properties for you to choose.

The early bird doesn’t always get the worm when it comes to renting in Stamford. The optimal tour time is 2-4 weeks before you’d like to move in. Inventory and prices change every day. Don’t feel anxious about “waiting until the last minute”. That’s why you’re using a broker! We usually only need one appointment tour to get you the space that fits your needs. If you follow our FAQ guidelines and checklists, you will be ready and prepared to make a decision as soon as it’s time to sign your lease.​


We know that searching for the right apartment can be a little overwhelming. Below you will find answers to the FAQs 

to help make this as easy as we can.

Why Should I Use a Broker?

We make your search easy and manageable

No one knows the Stamford market better than us. We help you take the guess work out of finding a rental that fits your criteria and budget. From luxury buildings to budget friendly properties, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

Do You Charge a Broker Fee?


We get paid by the buildings to provide pre-qualified candidates to their leasing agents. This DOES NOT affect or reflect in the the rent you pay. Buildings will have their own application fees when applicable.

5 Things to Know Before You Make an Appointment

Pre-Leasing Check List

Know your budget, your credit score, your move in date, your location preference, your amenity and size requirements.

What Do I Need to Bring to a Listing Appointment

Be Rent Ready!

Time is of the essence with some of the properties, and you want to be prepared so you don't miss out on your first choice. Make sure you are ready to sign; bring a checkbook with you and any decision making parties (roommate, parent, co-signer, etc) so you can put your application in ASAP.

ready to start a search?